Checkpoint: ER chapter approved!

I heard back from my primary advisor that I should make a few tweaks to the chapter to signpost my argument, and then I should send it off to my secondary advisor to give him plenty of time to read it before I need to schedule my defense for my preferred dates.

Goal: revise chapter summaries in my intro, last pass on ER chapter, fix the last 4 things in Arc; send these three items to secondary advisor Tues or Wed. Then I’ll have two more days to clean up everything else for proofreading. It’ll be tight, but I think I can make it.


3 thoughts on “Checkpoint: ER chapter approved!

  1. Woohoo! And regarding the previous post, “interesting” would be great, but “finished” is even better. Do those tweaks and keep pushing! (“Keep pushing” makes it sound like a baby…)

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