Checkpoint: ER revision complete!

Finally! I’ve been sitting on this chapter revision since mid-June. I finally figured out that I needed another writing retreat. Grandparents to the rescue! I had three days of (mostly) uninterrupted work and got almost done. The last couple hours of work got done in the car on the way to camping. It’s off to my advisor, and I should hear back this weekend. If all goes well, I’ll get to send it and Arc to my secondary advisor early next week. Once he approves, I’ll be able to schedule my defense.

Next deadline: August 23–whole dissertation to advisor and editor for proofreading.

This week, I enlisted the parentals again, but at my house this time. So I’ve had another three (mostly) uninterrupted days. So far, I’ve gotten lots of final checks done, and I finished the bibliography. The bibliography feels like such a big deal that it deserves its own blog post title.

I’m starting to slow down a little, so it might be time for a walk. Onward!


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