Progress update

I was on vacation last week, but before I left, I sent a full draft to my editor for proofreading and my advisor for a formatting check. Unfortunately, I still have a few revisions left before it’s really complete, so this week I’ll be revising the Intro, Titus, and Conclusion. The Intro and Conclusion will be challenging; situating my work within existing scholarship and explaining my contribution takes deep thinking and a boldness I rarely feel. I think more about what I haven’t read than what I have. I’m typically not one to worry too much about what scholarship I’ve missed–I figure there’s always something, and if I’ve covered the major works that get referenced in everyone else’s introductions, I at least have a good idea of the lay of the land. But this time, I’m worried there’s some key text I’m missing that would make my dissertation shine. Really, I need to keep in mind that it just needs to be good enough. I’m not publishing it at this point. I’m just showing that I am a competent scholar.

After the revisions are done, I’ll get to do my own proofreading, and I’ll be using OmniGraffle to make fun figures. 50 or so fun figures. Which will take way longer than I want them to.

thank goodness my kids start school on Tuesday. I need to be wary of being lulled into complacency by the thought of six interrupted hours of work time and start working early.


One thought on “Progress update

  1. Thank you for the update! I am thinking of you often. Before long, you *will* be able to relax for hours at a time. That is your motivation! You can do it! You are close!

    I hope you had a great vacation.

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