Checkpoint: Chapter 3 approved!

Just because I haven’t posted in a long time, doesn’t mean that all has been quiet over here. It’s been a busy month! (I still plan to post some writing retreat reviews.) I’ve been writing up a storm, procrastinating along the way, and benefitting greatly from the experience and wisdom of writing friends. (A shout out to my exceptional writing partner and to the always inspiring GEW).

Writing account:

  • Article #1: completed
  • Article #2: completed, along with multiple proofreads
  • Intro: completed, needs chapter summaries updated
  • Chapter 1: completed, but needs minor revisions
  • Chapter 2: drafted, sent to writing partner (next step: revise for advisor)
  • Chapter 3: approved by primary advisor (next step: minor changes, send to secondary advisor)
  • Chapter 4: rough chapter outline done, some reading done
  • Conclusion: rough outline done

I hope to have everything (except the conclusion) sent to both advisors in December, so I can schedule a February defense. I have my work cut out for me!