Mini-retreat hilarity

Finding wifi at jenk’s house. Check out the last one on the list. I think I just found jenk some new friends.



Chapter 2 Again (+ mini writing retreat)

Bad news from advisor 2. He has no problem with my analysis in Chapter 2, but sees a big jump away from the theory I’m exploring and the frame I’m using for the rest of the diss. Is he right? Oh yes. And Chapter 2 is now officially the Chapter of 1000 Drafts. But this makes it better:


It’s ski week (no school for a whole week instead of just a day off for presidents. Sports trump government yet again.) so I have two kids home and only one of them will leave me alone to work for any length of time. So the kids and I headed down to my parents’ place for a couple work days. This photo was from my break-time walk. Beautiful views, and great company.

Today I’m giving Chapter 2 a quick revise before sending it to my writing partner. (It’s the only chapter I’ve submitted without having him read it first, and it’s the only on that’s needed a redo. Not a coincidence.) Tomorrow I’m off to nearby bay city to meet jenk (from the summer iteration of the writing group) for some 90 minute work sessions. I’ll be working on restructuring my intro, moving Chapter 4 to the Chapter 1 slot, and moving conclusion material to the conclusion.

I’m feeling healthier than I gave in months, and I’m ready to tame this beast of a dissertation.

Tiny Rewards


Today’s been a doozy of a day. Sick daughter. Son’s violin lesson canceled last minute. Quick trip to the mall. (Win of the day: $6 jeans!) Mix-up with the carpool. I’ve been having trouble getting to work, so I decided on the tiny reward system. I read 10 pages, I get to knit two rows on a sweater I started for my daughter.

Row count so far: 2.

I guess I’d better get back to reading.