Progress report

This dissertation process is a lot like kneading bread dough (but very slowly over the course of years). With each turn and press, the bread dough takes more shape. The globs of dough begin to stick together, and the dough becomes a whole piece, one that’s easier to manage and more pliable. Every step I take with the dissertation makes the whole thing seem more manageable, all of a piece. I’m still dealing with individual chapters, but I’m able to conceive of the thing as a whole, and the parts are starting to work together.

I’m still on track to get ER back to my advisor in the next couple weeks. I won’t have the whole thing ready for him until the end of July, I think. For this week, I’m keeping ER as my main focus, but I’m also making slow progress on Arc. And last night I formatted the entire diss and got set up to compile the bibliography.

Credit for my work time this week goes to my mom, who took a couple days out of her busy life to take over my household duties so I could work.



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