Renaming Things

I’ve moved my chapters around enough that my original chapter numbers aren’t so accurate. Chapter 4 is now Chapter 1, which means 1 is 2, 2 is 3, and 3 is 4. I’ve got figures in my intro, so I need to number it in order to have a reasonable “List of Figures” in my front matter. So now Intro is 1, and everything else changes too. In light of all this complication, I’m going to refer to chapters by abbreviations:

  • Former Chapter 1: Titus
  • Former Chapter 2: Arc
  • Former Chapter 3: FQ
  • Former Chapter 4: ER

Here’s my current run-down:

  • Intro–approved, and revised
  • ER–draft completed, “keep going”
  • Titus–approved, and revised
  • Arc–approved by primary
  • FQ–approved and revised
  • Conclusion–revise and resubmit



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