Why it’s noon on a Monday and I haven’t really started working yet

Yesterday at the end of Field Day at the kids’ school, my husband got a bunch of dads to race around the parking lot. Many of them take this stuff seriously, including my husband. And he didn’t have his running shoes on. We had searched the house before we left, and couldn’t find them anywhere. (Late last night I found them PUT AWAY in the shoe bench. The one place we didn’t look thoroughly.) So he took off his shoes and ran barefoot on hot asphalt. And then he pulled a hamstring five steps into the race. As far as we can figure out, his feet blistered before he even started running, and the rest of the run ripped the blisters off of his toes and the balls of his feet.

Luckily, a doctor and a paramedic/firefighter were running, too, so he was well taken care of, and we didn’t end up at emergency on a Sunday evening.

Last night, I got to clean the wounds. Bike commuting is not an option for him for a couple weeks, and we only have one car (not that he could drive anyway), so I got to drive him to work in rush hour traffic. And I can’t make him stand up to do the dishes, so I get to do those too. These things all cut into my work time, but the truth of it is, I’m happy to do them.* It makes me thankful for all he does for me regularly, and it makes me thankful that we have good health most of the time. His convalescence will be temporary–only a couple weeks. It also motivates me to take the spare minutes I can to push through dissertation work. I could clearly use this event as an excuse to have a less-than-productive week, and it may very well be less productive than I had planned in my “now to completion” schedule. But it’s proving the opposite: the sooner I’m done, the sooner events like this won’t be keeping me from finishing.

I could break into some extended simile about how writing is like wound care, but I don’t have quite enough distance from the wound care to go there. Let’s just say that some things just need to get done. So go write.

*Just to be clear, being happy to do them, doesn’t mean I skip the grumbling all the time. But I’m not angry, and in the moment, it’s what I want to be doing.


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