Writing Between (Week 3)

Posts start again over at Dame Eleanor’s May-August writing group on the 13th, and by that time I should have my full rough draft done. Here’s how: this week, I’ll finish drafting my final chapter; at my writing retreat next weekend, I’ll clean it up to send to readers and draft my conclusion. My May-August goal will be to take my full draft and turn it in to something submittable by mid-August, in time for a September defense.

Last week was not as productive as I’d have liked, but I’m still making progress.

Goals for Week 2: write 3000 words (or more–4000 would be amazing); finish the book chapter I started two weeks ago.

Accomplished: wrote 1229 words; re-read the first quarter of the book chapter (the lit review is really good and relevant to my work); and read the introduction and a bit of the first chapter of another relevant book.

Analysis: I had a decent start to the week, but I got distracted by home life. May is always a crazy month with end-of-the-year school activities and swim team starting up (plus one kid is in soccer this spring), and even though it happens every year, it surprised me again.

One thing I can change to make next week more productive: scheduling loosely (in 1/2 hour chunks) worked well last week when I managed to work, so I’ll continue. This week will be helped by getting to bed a little earlier than usual–say 10:30, instead of 11:30 or midnight.

Goals for Week 3: Write 3300 words/complete Chapter 4 draft; finish reading book chapter; read more of new book; plan for writing retreat (and pack).

I’ll try to check in Friday before I leave on my writing retreat, and again Monday when I return.


4 thoughts on “Writing Between (Week 3)

    • Thanks, GEW. The “one thing” is helping me focus. Though I imagine if I sleep more, my house may look like a wreck for longer. Housekeeping is not my forte. Ugh.

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