Writing Between (Week 2)

Goals for Week 1: write 2500 words (or more–4000 would be fantastic); read/annotate/notes on two articles; annotate two articles I read last week; skim one book for quotes.

Accomplished: wrote 3000 words (now at 4500 words. Half way point!); annotated one article.

Analysis: I’m in writing mode, and I don’t tend to remember to read and take notes when I’m drafting. It might be better to keep an article with me for spare moments and focus on the writing part. I’m looking at a lot of articles I read year or more ago. So far my notetaking system (marking page number and topic on the front of the article) has been working fabulously. I flip through a stack of articles, and I can pull out the ones I need for a particular paragraph quite quickly.

One thing I can change to make next week more productive: schedule loosely. Alternating half-hour writing slots with half-hour breaks seems to be the best system at the moment. My goals/tasks for breaks need to not fill up the entire break.

Goals for Week 2: write 3000 words (or more–4000 would be amazing); finish the book chapter I started two weeks ago.

The way the chapter is going, I’m guessing it will be closer to 12,000 words. I’m halfway through my word-count goal, and I’m on my second of nine sections (though the one I’m in will likely be the longest).

Cheers for the weekend!


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