Checkpoint: Chapter 3 approved some more!

Last night I got a glowing review of Chapter 3 from my secondary advisor. He’s hard to please, so I’m especially excited by his assessment that it is “strongly argued and beautifully written.” The only problem: it’s all downhill from here. I’m revising Chapter 2 right now, and it’s definitely not my strongest chapter. The theory application is weakest, it’s been the hardest to write, and I’m aiming for merely passable at this point. I’m hoping these other chapters have primed him for a positive response on this next one.

The end is in sight!:

  • Intro: completed (needs chapter summaries updated)
  • Chapter 1: completed (needs minor revisions)
  • Chapter 2: in revision to send to advisor
  • Chapter 3: completed (needs one sentence added to intro)
  • Chapter 4: 1/3 of the way drafted
  • Conclusion: rough outline done; bad draft started

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