Checkpoint: Article submitted

As part of my writing account, I can now count my second book article as COMPLETED! I submitted my revised article to the editor this evening. I may have to make a couple of style changes, if the editor requests. Or, this may be the last I see of the article until it’s published sometime in 2013.

To celebrate, first I’m going to sleep a lot. Then, I’ll take a few hours out of my work week to clean up my office and the other parts of the house that now have books piled in them. And maybe some foofy coffee on Monday morning.

Here’s a little snapshot of my writing account:

  • Article #1: completed
  • Article #2: completed
  • Intro: completed
  • Chapter 1: completed, but needs minor revisions
  • Chapter 2: drafted, needs completion to send to writing partner
  • Chapter 3: drafted, needs a few revisions to send to advisor
  • Chapter 4: bad abstract done, started reading
  • Conclusion: nothing yet

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