Help me choose my own writing adventure

So far my Drafting Week! has been off to a dismal start. I did manage to get myself to the pool this morning with the “Suck Less” exercise policy (I promised myself I could get out after 5 minutes if I wanted to). I swam harder than I intended for 45 min., and now I feel a bit waterlogged. And after a weekend of late nights out, lots of great conversation, a few margaritas, and an afternoon of watching children’s soccer games, I want another weekend for recovery. Or at least a nap.

My brain is foggy, so reading through the chapter draft I didn’t get to this weekend or starting to re-draft my current chapter feels impossible. At the coffee shop today, I tried to start in on the chapter revision and gave up after a paragraph. I did, however, decide on some productive procrastination. (I read two helpful articles and wrote annotations for them, and had a delicious prosciutto, provolone, and fig jam panini on sourdough.)

But now what? To keep up the pace, I need to get through reading the chapter tonight.

So do I:

a) sneak in a nap before the afternoon kid activities start,
b) stick to reading for the day,
c) try to get just the right amount of caffeine in my system so I can be focused and productive,*
d) go to bed early tonight at all costs
e) some combination of the above
f) other

Help me save Drafting Week! from fatigue and bad planning. Recommendations?

* I’ve been off caffeine for twenty some-odd years, and if I do have a full cup off coffee, I get very jittery. Getting the right amount is a tricky prospect.


6 thoughts on “Help me choose my own writing adventure

  1. I would suggest a quick nap, if you can wake out of them without feeling groggy. Then possibly a small nip of caffeine, and a whole lot of reading?

    I’ve got to try and write 5,000 words of lecture by tomorrow afternoon, so I think I’d better head library-wards. Not too sure what to say about the text in question…

  2. Oh, gosh. It depends on how rigid the timeline is. I know I’m chiming in a bit late, but If you MUST do it today, I recommend no nap, and when it’s time to work, put on comfy clothes, have a cup of hot tea (black, English breakfast if you have it, bit of sugar and milk), and then crank it out.

    Otherwise, if you can spare the time, go to bed early.

    • I did manage a 20 minute power nap (with interruptions), but it was enough to get me refreshed. I spent some afternoon hours hanging out with the kids and taking care of some other prep work that was stressing me out. Now it’s only 8:45, and I’m going to ignore the fact that we have no milk in the house and try to get through it in a couple of hours. I have a long work day tomorrow, so I should be able to finish if I don’t get done tonight.

      And huzzah for hot lunches! I don’t have to shoehorn making the kids’ lunches into my schedule.

  3. I’ve read (but not tried) this tip: drink a cup of black tea, or some coffee/cola whatever caffeinated beverage you prefer, THEN take a nap. It’s supposed to take about 20 minutes for the caffeine to kick in, so you wake up from your nap/get up from your lie down as your energy rises which is supposed to feel good…

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