A sudden drop into Overwhelmed

I started out today with some reading, a little writing, some notetaking. Everything was going on swimmingly, and then this happened:

Is there more research than I can possibly read? Yes. Are there really important things I have tagged that I will forget all about? Of course. Are those the notes on my chapter from 2010 that I forgot to read before my last revision? Yes. Yes, they are. Do I love those little book marker post-its? I think I may have written an entire post on them once.

Solution: Straighten up those piles. Then pick one thing (let me repeat, ONE). Then do that one thing. Take a short break. Drink some water. Repeat.

(For the curious, the books are Sir Philip Sidney, Courtier Poet (Katherine Duncan-Jones), Changing the Subject by Naomi Miller (the purple one), and Sidney, The Major Works (peeking out on the right side). That last one is under Entertainments for Elizabeth I. Also hiding in the pile/mess: Miscellaneous Prose of Sir Philip Sidney Dobranski’s Readers and Authorship in Early Modern England, and Shakespeare Co-Author by Brian Vickers.)


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