Fake Sick Day

My daughter has been home sick from kindergarten all week. I feel very luck that I don’t have to change my schedule drastically to be home with her. I have to rely on the other families in our carpool to get my son to and from school, I’m housebound during the day, and my writing time gets, shall we say, interrupted regularly. The last couple days I’ve tried to be pretty mellow about it: I let her watch lots of movies, and I lowered my expectations for how much work I would get done.

Today, I tried a different tack. I’m calling it “Fake Sick Day.” I skipped swimming this morning. I didn’t shower until noon. I’m still wearing my husband’s company sweatpants at 5:30pm. I pretty much stayed in bed all day. But I got work done. Lots of work done.

Now I can’t take these Fake Sick Days all the time–my family does need to eat, needs clothes to wear, and needs a semblance of order in the house–but I think I might try to take one every once in a while. For now, because of my work load, they’ll have to be reserved for work. Like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, without the convertible and the ticker-tape parade.


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