Knitting during meetings

In the online writing group (at Dame Eleanor’s last spring, I think) there was a discussion in the comments about the possibility of knitting during meetings. For those meeting-knitters, I found some predecessors:

. . . several female rulers in Europe, such as Margaret of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands, are known to have worked at embroidery while presiding over council meetings, and Mary Queen of Scots produced many embroideries during her long imprisonment.

from Sir Philip Sidney, Courtier Poet by Katherine Duncan-Jones (1991), p. 20.

Happy knitting during your council meetings and imprisonments.


4 thoughts on “Knitting during meetings

    • That college crisis sounds like no fun at all. And a bummer that such a great place to work and learn is in such dire straits (all my Ren. reading really makes me want to put a “gh” in that word). Here’s too all the highly educated people working there to pull together and agree! And may all your hard work pay off mightily! And may your kids give you extra hugs!

  1. In theory, I know how to knit, at least the basics, but I’ve never been very good at it. However, I am now totally in love with the idea of sitting in meetings with an embroidery hoop and long strands of beautifully colored thread. (Whoops, I typed “threat” at first . . . I guess you can tell where I’m coming from about meetings.)

    Actually, I never do go to meetings where I’d have a chance to do handwork. We don’t tend to have all-hands meetings. Instead, I serve on committees that actually do important work, where I’m constantly shuffling through papers (or shifting between documents on-screen) and citing chapter and verse for why we can or cannot do X according to Official Policy.

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