Planning the Fall Group

JaneB and Trapped in Canadia both offered to co-host; Dame Eleanor can also host. Thanks for volunteering! Do you three want to converse in the comments here? I’m happy to make a decision, but I thought you might want to weigh in.


7 thoughts on “Planning the Fall Group

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  2. OK, I’ll start! Since between the three of us we have two whole volunteers (DEH as one and myself and TiC as a second) shall we plan for both Fall and Winter writing groups now and take one each?? My teaching load is slightly lighter from January, so I’d have a slight preference for running the second one, but what do you guys think?

  3. I’d be glad to do the fall one. I doubt I will do daily inspirational quotes in this iteration (maybe one or two a week, because sometimes I find something I really want to share). I enjoyed the dual voices of ADM and Notorious when they did the writing group together, so that’s something to look forward to if you & TiC do one together.

  4. Great! We’ll plan on DEH for the fall, and JaneB/TiC for the winter.

    DEH–let me know if you want me to post some specifics (start date, etc.) in next week’s post.

    • Yes, please do. Since you’re going for one more week, let’s just pick right up where you leave off, and have people report in chez moi on 31 August. Let’s go for 15 weeks plus “finals” week (post final results at that point), so that will make the last check-in Friday, 14 December.

  5. Sorry for the delayed response. I was in faculty workshops all day and am just getting around to checking my blogs. I’m fine with co-hosting the group starting in January with JaneB. Looking forward to the September group with DEH! It’s time to get my writing schedule back on track!

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