Summer 2012 Writing Group

Welcome! If you’d like to join this academic writing group for the summer, leave a comment.  Specify your summer goal, if you can. if you’re not sure what that is yet, you can join now and decide in the next couple weeks. In general, it works best if you can have a single project goal for the session. (This is not a hard and fast rule,  but do consider that focusing on one project can be beneficial for you and for the group.) Commit to posting every  week (excluding vacations; see below), even if you haven’t accomplished anything. (To quote Dame Eleanor, “We’ve all had bad weeks.  Just face it and move on.”)

Here are the details:

Dates: May 14-August 24 (15 weeks)

Requirements: Check in weekly in the comments of the weekly post (see below for vacations, etc.), and comment on other people’s check ins.

Check in times: Friday morning-Sunday evening (US-Pacific Standard Time)

Check in structure: Please include the following

  1. Goal: The past week’s goals
  2. Accomplished: What you accomplished during the week
  3. Analysis: An analysis of what worked/what didn’t
  4. Next Goal: The next week’s goals
  5. Next Check In (optional): Your next check in date, if you’re planning to miss any number of weeks

Drop policy: If you don’t check in for three weeks (unless you specify an absence) you will be dropped.

Each check-in post will have a theme (I’ll check in in the comments, like everyone else), which you’re welcome to respond to in your comment.

I’ll post a preliminary group member list on Thursday, May 10, and you can specify there what your first weekly goal will be. If you can’t ramp up for a couple of weeks, feel free to postpone your first goal. Just be sure to check in with “no goal yet.” I’ll be happy to add people to the group through June 1.

If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message through the contact tab above.

Now, let’s get some summer writing done!

–Your humble host, Amstr


47 thoughts on “Summer 2012 Writing Group

  1. I’m in, and happy to help as/if needed. Ideal or not, I’ll definitely be juggling at least 2 projects, but (in fact, especially in light of that fact) I need to work out explicit goals.

  2. I’m in, but like Dame Eleanor I’ll need to come back to post my goals. I have several projects that I need to complete this summer so I need to decide which will be the focus of this group.

    Thanks for providing the space for this writing group. I was part of the group that Notorious hosted several months ago and the accountability was very, very helpful.

  3. I’m in, and my ‘goal’ continues to be the vaguely focused ‘chip away at the mountainous writing backlog’ which has actually led to some progress in the Dame’s Spring Writing Group, so if you can accept its vagueness then I’ll keep trying!

  4. I’m in! My goal is to finish the first draft of my dissertation, but I’d rather think of it as 500 words per day, five days a week.

    • Great goals! And I can see how the word count goal can be a good way to think of it. I’m encouraged by your slow-and-steady goal. I tend to work more in spurts (word-count-wise), and I could benefit from smaller daily goals.

  5. So glad to be here! Thanks for doing this, Amstr. I visit my PhD supervisor/uni at the end of May and might change my goal after that, but for now I’ll claim two goals (usually I stick to one, but I’m going to name two and then work on them concurrently or drop one): Draft brand-spanking-new chapter for the dissertation and edit the article that was rejected.

  6. Sounds good. Sometimes it can be really good to have two projects, so when one stalls there’s something obvious to work on. At any given time, I tend to have a writing project and then some research on another topic on hand. An editing job can be a great alternate focus.

  7. I’m in! This summer, my goals are to do final revisions on my dissertation in preparation for turning it in on September 1, and (if possible) to complete a book proposal with sample chapter for sending to publishers. I’m not sure if the latter is achievable because I’ll be overseas for 5 weeks doing a summer seminar/archival work, but hope to keep up progress.

  8. I’m in! Though my first goal is: Survive the end of the semester! haha. (classes end May 9) I’ll come back in a bit with a writing goal once I figure out where I’m going with my work.

    • No hurry at all. I think May will be a flexible month for a lot of us, but even having small goals and making bits of progress can help get the summer off to a productive start.

      I hope the semester ends well, and that you can more than survive!

  9. Okay, I’m in, too. My goal is to have a rough draft of a journal article based on my dissertation done by the end of the summer, starting from the very beginning. I have to figure out how to write an article in the first place! Thanks for this group, amstr!

    • Awesome! A rough draft of a journal article is a great goal, and you might find it goes more quickly than you think. (You can always modify your goal partway through the summer, if you like.)

  10. My summer goal is to finish the dissertation. And by finish, I mean that I need to have completed and turned in all parts of the dissertation to my writing partner and both advisors. I’m planning to defend in October (visiting New England in the fall seems like a great reason to finish over the summer), and I’ll have most of September for revisions.

  11. I would like to join too. I’m new to the group but I look forward to sharing goals during the summer. I am a cultural anthropologist, early on the tenure track, with a book to write. My summer goal is to write the two chapters that will be my book proposal sample chapters in order to send them off and, fingers crossed, get that book contract. To complicate matters, I’ll be spending much of the summer back at my fieldwork site in a far away country, but fortunately the country has good library access so I have no excuses.
    I look forward to getting to know you all,

  12. May I join, too?

    This summer is going to be a tough one for me with several presentation and paper going. I am afraid but I have not been an active participant of the wonderful discussions going on these on-line writing groups, but joining a on-line writing group really helps me in many ways.

    My goals this summer is : three presentations related each other but different topics, and a paper due in October. My overall goals are two of them. I am planning a practical and specific goals.

    Nice to meet you participating this writing group, and thank you very much for hosting this, Amstr!!!

  13. I’m in! And can I have a side of summer, too, please? We had a rotten summer downunder this year.

    My goal: Get another article out into the wide blue yonder. (This goal may change, if I get a real job, but until then…)

  14. Yes please!!!! I have 3 summer writing goals (in addition to many other goals) – revise & resubmit a manuscript, finish and submit a half-done manuscript, and do a rough outline of a review article.

  15. This is great! Thanks, amstr…and for including us scientists! 🙂

    I am nearing the end of my PhD and will have a busy summer of finishing experiments and trying to write about them. I will likely have to come back to revise goals (as the advisers may have different goals for my summer), but tentative goals are to start and finish a paper to send out for review and (at the very least) to put a sizable dent in the materials/methods and results sections of my thesis.


  16. I’m in! I will be working on 2 book projects and various manuscripts (which are in various states of being done already). Prioritizing and managing time will likely be the first level of challenge.

  17. I’m in! I will be working on revising a section of my dissertation like Kristin for a publication. I also have an old project that needs revision and sending out; and would like to get some preliminary research going on a new project. Looking forward to the accountability!

  18. I’d like to be in the group too. My goal will depend on how much I get done before 5/14. Mostly I want to build on the small successes I’ve had this semester. Thank you so much for hosting.

  19. I’d love to participate, though sadly, just leaving a comment is already giving me scared-of-the-commitment hives! I might want to think more about what I CAN accomplish this summer, but I’d really like to get two partially-written articles off my computer, and hopefully a third on a newer dataset, and/or a fourth that needs some new data first. Thanks also for hosting and I look forward to the “anonymous accountability.”

    • Hi emmawriting, I think you’ll find that this is an encouraging place. Think of the commitment as just checking in and working a bit on your projects every week it’s possible. Plenty of us will have weeks that just don’t work out so well. Glad to have you!

  20. Hi!
    I’d love to join the group for the summer.
    Goal: really only one… Finish my thesis! I’m halfway through several chapters and sets of revisions at the same time and focusing in smaller chunks would be the first step towards a nice productive time.

  21. I would love to join all of you! My goal is to finally get a journal article from my dissertation completed and submitted. It’s been sitting on my computer for about a year now and I hope this group will help provide the encouragement I need to just sit down and get it written!

    • Hi, Becky. You might be acquainted with it already, but Wendy Belcher’s Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks was really helpful for me. I ended up taking extra weeks for the lit review week and stretching it to 14 or 15 weeks. It might provide a way to help organize your tasks this summer.

  22. I’m in – as long as we’re able to adapt our goals as we go (I’ll likely be working on something I won’t know if will be accepted until later in the summer – but it’s the kind of idea that I’ve got other options for if it’s not accepted so I’ll probably keep working on it anyway).

    • Of course! In past iterations of the group, there’s been a “recalibration week” mid-way through. Our goal is progress in writing. Glad to have you!

  23. Hello, can I join too? I’ve got a long term goals of two articles out the door by February 2012. For the summer, my goal will be to usher my current article into the hands of capable first-readers, and then to submit it to a journal. I have lots of smaller must-be-done goals as well, including writing an introduction for the volume I’m editing and submitting the volume, and delivering a conference paper the last week of May that I need to write now that classes are done.

  24. I’m a little late to the party but would love to join. My face-to-face writing group is on hiatus over the summer. I have a few papers I need to get out, so I need a little time to decide what my goal will be for this group.

    • You’re not late at all! When you get a chance, post your goals on the Week Zero post, or just comment there that you’ll check in next week. Glad to have you.

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