Easy Writing: the beauty of a blank page

I can write prolifically about nothing. I know, it’s a gift. From really lame junior high journal entries, to pages and pages of freewriting about whatever it is that’s stressing me out about my dissertation, words on a page have never been a problem for me. Good words on a page, however? Words that make some sort of argument? Those aren’t quite so easy. Actually, if I have an argument to make, it’s not so bad. If I have a bad draft and have to tinker with it to have it make sense, well, then I’m stuck.

DEH has written about taking something that’s easy for her about writing and using it strategically to take the sting out of something that’s hard. For me, since drafting is rarely difficult, I will often opt to rewrite an entire draft rather than try to move paragraphs around or move sentences around within paragraphs. Even if I’m mostly cutting and pasting, starting from a blank page is refreshing for me rather than tiresome. Blank pages are so full of possibility, so perfect, so ready to be full of sentences as beautifully written as I imagine them to be. And if I’m dissatisfied at the end, there’s always another blank page waiting.


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